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The Harmony project has been developed by SPRIM to make available to the public, quickly and easily, the information on natural solutions offered by our ongoing clinical trials, performed at selected clinical centers and performed by medical specialists who work with SPRIM.


Scientific Research

Participation in our clinical trials can help each of us to prevent and to find a solution to the many small problems that threaten both the quality of our lives and our well-being. Registration to the Sprim Harmony site makes choosing the studies that best suit one’s health and lifestyle easier..

The Clinical Trials Network

Through collaboration among study participants, doctors and professionals specialized in scientific research, SPRIM creates day after day a growing collaborative network able to find with increasing effectiveness the more natural and people-oriented solutions.

Solutions for your health

Participating in a clinical trial allows you to take an active role in the care of your health, in particular lets you to take advantage of new solutions for the prevention and treatment of those small disorders that spoil your days and lets you take advantage of the medical findings before they are available to everyone. In addition, during the trial, you will have access to appropriate medical care in selected health facilities.

Taking part is simple

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  • Why should I register to the Harmony site?

    If you register to the site all the information about ongoing clinical trials will be given to you, without implying any commitment on your part. Then it will be your decision whether or not to take part in the study which will be proposed to you.
  • Which benefits can come from the participation in a clinical trial?

    We think that you can receive the best solutions in disease prevention participating in a clinical trial; you would also probably be followed more closely and more regularly compared to what it would be possible if you received standard medical care. Even if you do not receive immediate benefits from the participation in the clinical trial you will still be helping the search for a therapy more effective than the existing ones, and that in the future may help other people with the same disorder that you have.
  • How does the inclusion in a clinical trial take place?

    When you are offered to participate in a clinical trial you will be considered a volunteer, but this does not mean that you will be able to take part in the study automatically. Indeed, all the clinical studies have a number of criteria, called eligibility criteria for the study, inclusion and exclusion, which have to be met in order for you to participate. For this reason it is possible that you may not participate.
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Measure your HARMONY

Our operators are available from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00. In order to enter directly to become part of HARMONY fill out the online form or send an email to:

Why join HARMONY?

  • Joining Harmony can help you to discover how to deal with minor daily disorders and to understand what are today the most effective natural solutions to fight them.
  • Harmony lets you to discover which studies are now ongoing in your area.
  • Harmony deals with issues essential not only for the health of adults, but also of children and young people; SPRIM collaborates with major international companies involved in the development and marketing of products for health and nutrition of children.